Available Work

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"Rainbow Feathers" 43cm x 32cm Stained Glass, Tile, Mirror & Smalti
"Fanciful Feather" 10cm x 26cm Stained Glass & Mirror on board
"Little Blue Feather"          cm x   cm  Stained Glass on Slate
"Autumn Lines - Peak District" - 17cm x 41cm Mixed Media
"Winter Lines - Peak District" 17cm x 41cm Mixed Media
"Winter Walk - Monsal Dale" 33cm x 33cm Mixed Media
"More Rainbows" 60cm x 60cm Stained Glass & Smalti
"Soft and Gentle"
"Moonflower" 30cm x 30cm.  Iridescent & stained glass on ceramic tile.  Hangs as diamond. (Fixings can be altered to hang square)
"G is for..." - 32cm x 28cm.  Slate, Gold Mirror, Ceramic tile & Stained Glass.
"Silver & Gold" - 32cm x 32cm.  Iridescent Glass & Rusted Metal on board.
"Black Lab"  15cm x 11cm Porcelain Tile
"Seeds of an Idea #20"  15cm x 33cm Stained Glass & Smalti
"Stalking"  - 32cm x 25cm.  Iridescent glass & rusty metal on board.
"Round the Lagoon" - 43cm x 28.5cm.  Stained & Iridescent Glass.
"Below the Edge" - 29cm x 49.5cm.  Stained Glass.
"By Bowling Green" - 43cm x 31cm.  Stained & Iridescent Glass
"Over The Arrock" - 32cm x 32cm.  Stained & Iridescent Glass.
"Nature's Pattern - Under the Microscope"  Stained Glass  .
Fundamentals #2"  15cm x 11cm Stained Glass & Tile on boar
"Back to Square One"  11cm x 15cm Stained Glass & Tile
"Land Slip" - 50cm x 25cm.  Ceramic Tile, Stained Glass & Smalti on slate.