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Kate Pheasey



" Chewin' "
"Cow Reclaimed from Longstone Edge"
"1 U "
"In Clover"
"Red Sky at Night"
"Cow with a 'Subtile' Nose"
"No Kidding"
"Morning Call"
"Just Jake"
"Good Morning, Jake"
"Going Home"
"Golden Shower"
"Mother & Child Reunion"
"White Lion"
"Liquorice Returns"
"After the Storm"
"White Fish"
"Doves & Rainbow"
"Doves in Rust"
"Ballet Rust"
"Cat in a Hat"
"Autumn Meander"
"Meandering Through the Seasons"
"Meandering Through Winter"
"Meandering Through Autumn"
"White Peak"
"Dark Peak"
"Rough Exterior"
"Slated Apple"
"Blue Apple"
"Slated Pear"
"Pink Rosebud"
"Hot Workings"
"Red, Yellow, Green & Blue"
"Cool Workings"
"R is for..."
"Rising Daisy"
"Lost in the Dance"
"Muffin's Piano"
"Sandra's Tree"
"Rough Exterior/ Heart of Gold"
Losing My Hare"
Oak Leaf

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